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   Hand Mate HMA-100B
Carving with Hand Mate HMA-100B
  • For shaving, carving, drilling, polishing various materials such as wood, metal, at various level of precision and complexity (for professional use).
  • Reciprocating hand piece type B (for wood sculpture, BONSAI) with thin 14 to 20mm diameter handle for presision carving, which can be used like a pencil for complicated shaping.
  • Ultra high quality type, the level of reciprocation and speed can be freely adjusted to meet the hardness and shape of the material.
  • Maximum torque can be achieved even at incomparably low speed (20 r.p.m.), that allows very delicate carving.
Handling metal with Hand Mate HMA-100B
  • High power rotating head with chucking capacity of 1 to 6mm
  • Pencil type rotary head with chucking capacity of 1 to 4mm
  • 1.5m flexible shaft
Standard Set
Hand Piece Type E
Hand Piece Type E
(Chucking dia. 1 to 6mm)
Price: ¥18600+TAX
Hand Piece Type F
Hand Piece Type F
(Chucking dia. 0.5 to 4mm)
Price: ¥16600+TAX
Shaft 1.5m
Price: ¥11000+TAX
Standard Set Price: ¥99800+TAX
Reciprocation, Amplitude 0 to 28,000 vib./min. 1mm Speed/min. 0 to 14,000 r.p.m.
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz
0 to 14,000 r.p.m.
speed control
Feedback Control Method
(Electronic control with constant high torque)
Rated Power Consumption 300W, continuous Rated Torque 1kg-cm (MAX 3kg-cm)

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