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   KI-Holiday KHD-2
Carving with KI-Holiday KHD-2
  • For carving small piece of work.
    (for hobby and economy type)
  • Speedy carving can be achieved by 10,000 vib./min. reciprocation. Plus economical price!
    (Power is 1/2 of High Holiday.)
Options Standard Set
  • For sharpening blade for multi-holder, for manual carving, Price: ¥1800+TAX
  • Honing stone WG-200, Price: ¥2000+TAX
Standard Set Price: ¥16800+TAX
Reciprocation, Amplitude 10,000 vib./min. 1min Safety Mechanism No reciprocation when pressure on blade is released.
Power AC100V, 50/60Hz Weight 580g
Rated Power Consumption 25W, continuos operation up to 30 min. Dimension 42×215mm

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